21 Years of Loving You

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'21 Years of Loving You' 

What a beautiful way to keep all your childs special memories, photo's, hopes and wishes over their first 21 years of life, all in one cute box to hand over to them on their 21st birthday! 

Such a special gift and keepsake to have. Beautiful questions to answer and places to write your special memories on the back of each card. Also super fun to make along the way! 

Cards include: (Set of 43 cards)

  • 'Today you were born'
  • '3,6,9 Months'
  • '1 - 21 Years old today'
  • 'First day of Childcare, Primary School and High School'
  • 'My tiny Footprint/Handprint'
  • 'My Pet's and Me'
  • My Family and Me' 
  • Blank - create your own cards x 12