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Anxiety Box
Anxiety Box
Anxiety Box
Anxiety Box
Anxiety Box

Anxiety Box

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'Anxiety Box'

Do you have anxiety or know someone who does?

This box of cards is designed to help you through a year with anxiety. It come with Anxiety Cards that have a place for you to write down whats going on in your mind when anxiety strikes.

Journaling is a great way of relieving stress by helping you work through your anxious feelings. This is because feelings of anxiety can lead to stress and rumination when left unchecked, but some of the roots of your anxiety can be minimized through a little-focused examination. Journaling can be a powerful tool for examining and shifting thoughts from anxious and ruminative to empowered and action-oriented.

This set also comes with a mood colour chart to help you track your moods and your progress over the year.

Also comes with anxiety affirmations, tips and tricks.

Cards Include (Set of 44 Cards)
• 40 Anxiety Cards
• Ways Anxiety Presents Itself
• Anxiety Grounding Techniques
• Ways to Manage Anxiety
• Affirmations for Anxiety
• How to prevent an Anxiety Attack
• How to prevent a Panic Attack
• Anxiety Mood Colour Chart
• Keepsake box