Doggy Milestone Cards

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'Doggy Milestone Cards'

Capturing those special moments that your furry friends make. Perfect gift for someone who has just brought a new little family member home! On the back of each card also comes with a place to write special memories of your furry friends on their special day.

Set of 25 Cards. A6 Size

The Cards Include:

‘Welcome To The Family’ (With Name, Age, Breed, etc.)’
‘First Day At My New Home’
‘8, 12 Weeks Old Today’
‘3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11 Months Old Today’
‘One Year Old Today’
‘First Day At Home All By Myself. I Didn’t Chew Anything I Swear!’
‘I Cried All Night Last Night, They Wouldn’t Let Me In Their Bed!’
‘Today I Did A Big Poo/Wee Inside, And I’m Proud Of It!’
‘Today I Pissed On Something I Shouldn’t Of, Oops!’
‘Today I Ate Something I Shouldn’t of, Didn’t Get Sick Though!’
‘Today I Had To Go To The Vets And Have Needles, I Didn’t Cry I Swear!’
‘Guess Who Finally Learnt To Go To The Toilet Outside? Me, I Did!’
‘Today I Learnt How To Fetch A Ball!’
‘Today I Saw The Beach For The First Time!’
‘Today I Tried To Fight Another Dog; They Held Me Back Though Otherwise I Definitely Would Have Had Him!’