'The Funny Dad Set' - Dad Milestone Cards

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"The Funny Dad Set" - Dad Milestone Cards

Looking for a cute and funny gift for Dad?
What about the 'The Funny Dad Set'! Such a great way to have a laugh and get some funny photos with dad and the kids! Creating some amazing memories to look back on forever.

Cards Include:
'Yup, Just changed my first nappy'
'So this is what happens when mums not around..'
'SOS, First day babysitting alone!'
'Yup, just got thrown up on..'
'Baby just pooped. Just hang in there little one, mum will be home soon..'
'Just survived a temper tantrum..'
'This is what happens when dad can't say No!'
'Just binged watched 3 hours of kid shows..'
'Today i attended my first tea party..'
'Yeah so, I just got pooped on..'
'I'm just here tripping over bloody toys again!'
'Marked safe another day of fatherhood.'
'This is what we like to call a Dad's Special Dinner'
'Quiet time now, It's Beer-O-Clock!'
'She actually thinks I'm going to stand here and take photos with these cards does she?'
'Left all my chores till the last minute.. Again!'
'May i have my boobs back now please?'
'Finally found my keys without having to ask, WINNING!'
'Yup, I actually managed to put my dirty washing in the basket today!'

Set of 21 Cards. A6 Size.