The Groomers Collection

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Brand New Never Been Made Before !

'The Groomer's Collection'

Made for Pet/Dog Groomer's. What a beautiful way to capture your grooming skills than with these funny milestone cards! From first baths, to first haircuts and alot of funny quotes in between.

Set of 23 Cards. A6 Size.

The Cards Include:
'My First Bath'
'My First Big Boy Haircut'
'My First Big Girl Haircut'
'I Said Just The Ends Off Please'
'Oh Don't Listen To Them, I Was Just Having A Nibble I Swear'
'New Hair, New Me!'
'I've Spotted Something Dead. I'm Clean, So I Must Go Roll In It'
'Pat My Head And Call Me Puppy'
'Who Would Have Thought I Was In A Shelter, Not Now!'
'Damn, Who's That Doggy In The Window'
'The Groomer Did A Thing'
'Groomer Blames Mum, Mum Blames Dad, Dad Blames me.. So Who's Fault Is It I Look Like This Again?'
'Today Is The Day, Today Is The Day I Catch That Tail'
'I'm Now Ready To Make My Ex Jealous'
'I Look Quite Fetching I Know'
'I Have Absolutely No Idea What I'm Doing..'
'It's Called Fashion, Ever Heard Of It?'
'Spick And Span And Ready For A Boyfriend'
'Spick and Span And Ready For A Girlfriend'
'Who's Idea Was It To Get Me Groomed On My Birthday?'
'You Only Had One Job..'
'I Can't Wait To Go Roll In The Dirt And Waste More Of My Pawrents Money!'