Unisex Baby Milestone Cards - The Harper Collection

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Unisex Baby Milestone Cards - 'The Harper Collection'

Perfect for any beautiful baby girl or boy. Also comes with a place to write your special memories about the days on the back of each card. Perfect for a baby shower gift!

Set of 31 Cards. A6 Size.

Cards Include:
‘2,4,6 Weeks Old’
‘3,6 Months Old’
‘9 Months In, 9 Months Out’
‘It’s My First Birthday Today!’
‘My First Day At Home!’
‘I Went Splish Splash in My First Bath Ever!’
‘I Just Projectile Vomited on Someone..’
‘I Just Got My Head Banged On A Doorframe, Cheers!’
‘Woohoo! My First Poonami!’
‘I Look Innocent, But I’m Not..’
‘Nappy Leaked Everywhere Again, My Bad!’
‘My First Cheeky Grin, He-He!’
‘I Got My Vaccinations Today, I Totally Didn’t Even Cry!’
‘I Can Play Goo-Goo Gaa-Gaa’
‘I Just Found My Private Parts!’
‘I Just Giggled For The First Time Ever!’
‘Guess Who Slept In Their Own Room Last Night?’
‘I Just Took My First (Very Wobbly) Step!’
‘I Tried Big People Food Today!’
‘Guess What!? I Didn’t Even Wake Up Once Last Night!’
‘I Said My First Word!’
‘I Did My First Rollie Pollie!’
‘Crying For No Reason Again..’
‘I Got My First Tooth! (Ouch!)’
‘Today I Had My First Tantrum In Public’
‘I Sat Up On My Own Today!’
‘I Can Hold My Own Bottle!’